What do Roboklocki classes teach?

During our classes we use Lego ® Duplo sets for children aged 3-4, Lego ® We Do for children aged 5-7 and Lego ® Mindstorms for children aged 8-13.

Children aged 3-4


  • learn to work individually (child to child) and group collaboration
  • learn and consolidate colors, sizes and shapes, learn to compare measurements (length, amount, width, height), classify and sort
  • learn to projects the above attributes on the model being built
  • they learn to distinguish left- and right-hand side, both in the model’s instruction and movement instructions (eg. moving one place right)
  • They learn to control the time within they have to complete the task
  • learn to obey the rules of tidiness (unpack and clean)

Children aged 8-13


  • stimulate spatial and constructive thinking
  • develop mathematical skills
  • instill a passion for physics
  • lengthen the time of attention
  • shape perseverance and patience in pursuit of the goal
  • Teach teamwork
  • They are perfect for children with laxative problems, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and aversion to science subjects

Children aged 5-7


  • They learn to focus on spoken words (presented story) and map them into the structure they create
  • Develop spatial imagination by planning and arranging space (buildings, characters)
  • Practice concentration on the task until its completion to finally present the effect